Monday, April 4, 2016

Aww, Chong Came to Visit!

Family and friends, I love y'all!

I felt like such a silly last week when I forgot to write about this! Chong totally came to Woodstock just to see me!!! I wasn't able to attend her baptism on the 26th due to our investigator flaking out, so she and Jim, her member friend who baptized her, drove to Woodstock and treated Sister Tait and I to lunch. Chong's faith is so strong. I'll still be on my mission when she passes her year of membership mark. I'll probably get to attend her endowment!! I love her so much. I want to see the joy that I've seen come to her come to many others.

Right now, we're teaching a family. The fifteen-year-old, Alex, is especially fantastic. Sister Tait and I feel that it was a miracle that he broke his wrist. Before he broke his wrist, his schedule was about to get so crazy that he wasn't going to be able to meet with us with any amount of frequency. Since he broke his wrist, he had to drop football, track, and weight training. We have a return appointment to teach the whole family the first formal lesson we'll have had due to the freeing up of his schedule. Miracles!! Bobbie, his mom, is a super sweet lady. She's not as invested as Alex is, but we think that her interest will be firmly drawn to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as she watches it make positive changes in Alex, whom she is already so proud of for good reason. Alex reminds me of my little brother, Steele, who isn't little anymore. I see the same cosmic potential, and I hope and pray that I may be present to witness the same explosion of light that I watched Steele go through when he decided that the kind of man he wanted to be is a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. So proud of my brother Steele. (:

Funny story! We forgot the house number of a potential investigator, so we stopped at the bottom of the porch steps, which had the two townhouse doors at the top, to pray to remember the right one. We both felt like the left door was the one. As soon as we started toward the door on the left, we heard a crash and, "LAME IT!" from behind the door on the right. Sister Tait turned to me and remarked, "It's so disappointing when the missionaries don't pick your door." I laughed so hard!!!!!! Sister Tait is awesome. (:

CONFERENCE WAS SO GOOD!!!! #ldsconf Definitely check it out if you haven't already!


Sister Naomi Rapier

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