Monday, March 28, 2016

Exchanges, Jenna and #ldsconf

Hello people that I love!

This week was SUPAH stressful, but overwhelmingly full of miracles and bright spots. I found myself utterly exhausted by the end of it, and pleased that I got to go to bed. Mom was right all along, she always told me that I would grow to love afternoon naps. Love is right!!!!!   

This week is the week that the Sister Training Leaders felt like we should be the ones they go on exchanges with. Exchanges are basically when you switch companions for a day with the local leading sister missionaries, who are called the Sister Training Leaders. 

There were miracles! We found a girl named Jenna, who the previous missionaries had fallen out of contact with.  Sister Asplund said that our meeting was totally something that Jenna and I must have arranged in the pre-earth life. I feel like she is right. It was uncanny: we both had a Dad die, we both have two younger biological siblings, the list of similarities goes on. 

It's the times when I meet people like this that I feel so thankful for the pain I've endured because it makes it possible for us to heal together. I've been blessed with a Momma who always was very good to us and taught us how to cope with our pain in healthy ways, but I know very well that not everyone has this advantage coming into life. I love that through my pain, I can help others find healing in Jesus Christ. It makes all of the tears and fears worth it. They are so precious, each of these people I have the privilege to meet. I wish that they could see and understand how incredible they are, with all of their quirks and hardships. They have NO IDEA how amazing they are. Can I just tell each one of you that are reading this that you are a blessing in my life? I know that I've told that to most of you before, but some of you don't want to believe me. Stop being stubborn! I'm right on this one, trust me. You are incredible.
Anyway, Jenna is going to attend the Saturday evening session of General Conference with me and Sister Tait and a family in the ward! General Conference is so inspiring, y'all better send me thoughts on what you discover. I don't know how to express how much I'm looking forward to this weekend! #ldsconf #soexcited!!!

Happy Easter everyone! Gots to go.

Love always,

Sister Rapier

Monday, March 21, 2016

"No more sugar for you!"

Dear Freindily,

What a week!! Every week flies by faster than the last. I'm sure that to you, all of the missionary emails tend to blur together because you read so many. The days probably blur together for you too. Life is nuts. Missions are hard and fun! 

Miracles! We met a family this week! When we were walking down the street to our next appointment on Thursday, this little boy runs up behind us and asks if we're going to his house. We told him we aren't, but we can if he wants us too, and he showed us which house was his before running away. We went back that night and got a return appointment for the next day. Friday night rolls around, and we go back to see them. Their entire family was there. We got to know them and invited them to church.

On Sunday, Alex came to church. He walked fifteen minutes. By himself. In the morning. To church. Alex is a fifteen-year-old boy. I don't think I've met many people who hunger for truth the way Alex does. Certainly I know a few, several of which are my closest friends, but it is still so remarkable to meet someone who hungers for truth. It makes me feel so happy and awed that I have the privilege to be a messenger to one who so earnestly seeks! There is true joy to be found in both the living and the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Wow. (:

Sister Tait is a lovely individual. She is a very easy person to get along with. I really like her. She's a long-boarding Utahn!

Disclaimer: the cake thing, I did that on a dare. From my hostess. Yes, I ate half of a cake in three bites. No, I couldn't hold still for the rest of the night. My knees were bouncing so hard that her floorboards creaked... yeesh.

Funny quotes of the week:

"I only have to pay taxes and die, and I've already paid my taxes, so now I just have to die."
-Mamma Keller, my favorite old lady in the ward (she's a little nuts but AWESOME!)

"I always look like a goddess."
-Sister Tait, hair blowing dramatically in the wind this morning

"No more sugar for you!"
-Sue, after I ate half of the cake

Love you all! Stay safe and don't forget to smile!

-Sister Rapier

Monday, March 14, 2016

Just another week... IN WOODSTOCK!!!

Naomi’s second area is Woodstock, Virginia, which is located in the northwestern area of the state. Woodstock is the fourth oldest town in Virginia and is the county seat of Shenandoah County. The city’s population is about 5,000.

Her new companion is Sister Tait from Cedar City, Utah.

Hello Framiree,

I love you all so much!! I've been thinking about y'all today. Hey, I'm in Woodstock, VA!!! Not the Woodstock where the hippies congregated to get psychadelic and listen to music and stuff, that's in New York. Perks: we have TONS of civil war history here!! Also, a hitching post on a main road for your horses. Woodstock is that cool.

My new companion is Sister Tait. We think very much alike, and it's really fun!!
 This week, we were driving in the car, I expressed that I didn't like something, so don't give me any, there was a pause, then we both started singing, "Don't want no pop, no pop! Don't give me no juice, no juice! Just give me that milk, moo moo moo moo! Just give me that milk, moo moo moo moo!" Sister Tait took the words right out of my mouth, we were so in sync! #YWCamp

The people of Woodstock are wonderful!! Fun story: I have met someone here with worse dental hygiene than any that I came across in West Virginia. She has one half-black tooth smack in the middle of her top "row" of teeth. Plot twist!

Another fun story: in Woodstock, there is a woman who is investigating the church. Her name is Joyce. No, not the same Joyce we were teaching in Martinsburg. It's uncanny! They both have this incredible power to talk your ear off. Company+Joyce(either one)=JoyceVoice. Hehehe. Anyway, both lovely ladies! I met Woodstock Joyce on Thursday. She has bad knees and a fancy pistol in her toolbox. She didn't show us either, just told us about both. Joyce had a question about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: why did God wait 1800 years to send a prophet after Jesus Christ and His apostles were all killed? Good question! In view of the lack of religious freedom in Eurasia at the time, it makes sense that God waited. We shared 1 Nephi 13:12-20 with her, and talked about how God prepared a way for religious freedom to be had and for the Book of Mormon to be able to come forth. Cool stuff! I love how verse 12 talks about Christopher Columbus.

My time has come to an end! Love you all!

Cheer and sunshine and love,

Sister Rapier

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Glorious Era has come to an end. Another begins!!!

Dear Frams,

Two days from now, I will leave Martinsburg, WV. I will never forget WWRB (Wilkerson, Watterson, Rapier, Bartschi) in the Burg - pronounced "werb in the berg." I have had an incredible transfer serving with these three in the Martinsburg Ward. 

For my next transfer, I will be serving in Woodstock, Virginia!!!! Wheeeeheee! My new companion will be Sister Tait! So bittersweet! It's such a joyful occasion to move to a new phase of life/the mission, but heartbreaking also. 

I'm out of time due to all of us emailing on the one computer at the church today. It kind of (really) stinks when the public library computer policies change, so there you have that.

Naomi arranged funeral flowers for a family in the ward
For the record, I will be returning to Martinsburg for the baptisms of Chong and Joyce. 

Love you all! The gospel is true and the book is blue!

#TheBookofMormon #readitbecauseit'sworthit

Love love love!

Sister Rapier

New address:
Sister Naomi Rapier
213 Patriots Place
Woodstock, VA 22664