Monday, March 28, 2016

Exchanges, Jenna and #ldsconf

Hello people that I love!

This week was SUPAH stressful, but overwhelmingly full of miracles and bright spots. I found myself utterly exhausted by the end of it, and pleased that I got to go to bed. Mom was right all along, she always told me that I would grow to love afternoon naps. Love is right!!!!!   

This week is the week that the Sister Training Leaders felt like we should be the ones they go on exchanges with. Exchanges are basically when you switch companions for a day with the local leading sister missionaries, who are called the Sister Training Leaders. 

There were miracles! We found a girl named Jenna, who the previous missionaries had fallen out of contact with.  Sister Asplund said that our meeting was totally something that Jenna and I must have arranged in the pre-earth life. I feel like she is right. It was uncanny: we both had a Dad die, we both have two younger biological siblings, the list of similarities goes on. 

It's the times when I meet people like this that I feel so thankful for the pain I've endured because it makes it possible for us to heal together. I've been blessed with a Momma who always was very good to us and taught us how to cope with our pain in healthy ways, but I know very well that not everyone has this advantage coming into life. I love that through my pain, I can help others find healing in Jesus Christ. It makes all of the tears and fears worth it. They are so precious, each of these people I have the privilege to meet. I wish that they could see and understand how incredible they are, with all of their quirks and hardships. They have NO IDEA how amazing they are. Can I just tell each one of you that are reading this that you are a blessing in my life? I know that I've told that to most of you before, but some of you don't want to believe me. Stop being stubborn! I'm right on this one, trust me. You are incredible.
Anyway, Jenna is going to attend the Saturday evening session of General Conference with me and Sister Tait and a family in the ward! General Conference is so inspiring, y'all better send me thoughts on what you discover. I don't know how to express how much I'm looking forward to this weekend! #ldsconf #soexcited!!!

Happy Easter everyone! Gots to go.

Love always,

Sister Rapier

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