Monday, June 6, 2016

Adventure is in the Eye of the Beholder

Dear people who I love,

This week, I have been thinking a bit about the mundane versus the exciting. With transfers happening this week, everyone has been all a flurry in a whirlwind of emotions. I think that the members feel even stronger feelings of anxiety about transfers than we do in some cases! This week, President Christiansen's email talked about how we don't need to experience great anxiety about transfers because anywhere we go, God's work is the same; the most important work we do is to uplift and guide one person at a time. It's probably obvious by now that I am one of those who gets overly anxious about transfers... so yeah. That letter is what some of the youth in the Woodstock ward may dub "supes helpful." That being said, I have come to the conclusion that adventure is in the eye of the beholder! Anything is mundane when you don't care about it, when you're not working for some greater good. No wonder so many people in this world experience apathy and a lack of natural affection; without a loving God who has a Plan of Happiness, there's not much to work for. Food for thought.
Enjoying the beauty of Woodstock...and getting a drink??

This week, we found five new investigators and were dropped by two of them, Vilda and Leroy. What a couple! They're both 92, and in better shape than most people in their 70's that we've met! They're also exceedingly adorable, they just celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary. Life goals, right there! We had two really great discussions with them about Jesus Christ and His church being restored to the earth again today! They decided they had had their fill when we invited them to be baptized, they are apparently quite happy to remain United Methodist. I also got ambushed by Leroy. While walking us out, he gave me a great big smacking kiss... on my EAR. Maybe he was aiming for my cheek and his vision isn't that great? Who knows. May I just say, it was an experience. Sister Tait tells me that I looked extremely uncomfortable. I was.

Probably my favorite part of this week was looking around and seeing how much all of those whom I have come to love have grown! Sister Tait talks. A lot. That's new! Elder Abraham is very kind now! That's also new! Elder Burgess continues to be pleasant and patient, and he has done an incredible job of handling the stress of serving in his hometown. Elder Robb and Elder Mason are super cool too. I don't know them quite as well, but they're both stellar missionaries and are very good at listening to the spirit. This week, our district meeting topic is going to be setting expectations, which is really good, because Patience has told us not to come back if one of us leaves. She likes people just fine when they randomly show up though... soooo Sister Tait and Sister Madsen will likely be paying her a visit after transfers. Inspired topic for a district meeting? I'll say! 

I know that even though times get hard and things are frustrating often, Heavenly Father's love doesn't fail. I have felt more comfort than I can adequately put into words as I've turned to Him in prayer. As I've been able to recognize how many great blessings I have in my life that I've been overlooking in my efforts to keep up with the daily grind, it has been so much easier to lift up my head and walk. Gratitude is a game-changer, that's for sure. I had forgotten what it feels like to see the world in a positive light. What a beautiful gift forgiveness is!

A note from a member of the Woodstock ward: We do love the Sisters and Elders. They have helped us in many situations. The knowledge of the gospel and being in tune with the promptings of Heavenly Father has the messages they share in perfect timing with our needs.. We love Sister Rapier. She is an amazing person.

Additionally! I'm being transferred to Hampstead, Maryland! I'm going to miss Woodtock, but I'm excited for a new adventure!

Also, we sheared alpacas this week. Sorry that I don't have a picture of that! Or of my legs after we were done catching the alpacas to shear them... I had a run in with a puddle of mud that was really actually mushy sheep poop. Whoops. :P

Much love! I hope everyone stays safe this week, happy summer!!

Sister Naomi Rapier

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