Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sunburns and Other Colors

Hey familea mea!

This is the last week of the second transfer Sister Tait and I have been together. Weird. Our ward mission leader almost started crying in correlation last week; he said that he sensed a change coming. Then I almost cried! It has been a really good two transfers here in Woodstock.

Woodstock is a vibrant place! We've been walking for the past few days due to the end-of-month shortage of miles, and it's been really good! My tomato-red sunburn on the first day was only a small splash of color amid the vibrant spray of personalities we met and experiences we had. A perk of walking in the really hot sun at midday is that people are quite sympathetic. We were invited by several kind souls to step inside for a minute and refill our water bottles.

One afternoon, we met a woman named Lee working in her front yard. If she were a color, she would be chartreuse; she's bright, spunky! She makes me laugh. She was one of the kind ladies who invited us in for a drink. While we were sitting around her kitchen table chit-chatting and drinking our newly acquired water, she said,"So. What message are you ladies sharing today? Let's have it." It was so cool! We talked with her about how the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored on the earth today and that she can know for herself. She told us a lot about her religious background and her family. Her son is really struggling right now. He's a bright kid with high potential, but he doesn't like doing his school work and he's fallen in with the wrong crowd in school. It's heartbreaking to watch someone struggling and worrying so much about a child they so dearly love. We asked her about church and families. She told us how they once went, but since she got divorced, things have been a bit crazy. We testified to her that through the atonement of Jesus Christ, her life and her family will be blessed as she continually turns herself to Him. She wants us to come meet her again and talk more next Tuesday. I'm excited!

This past Saturday was the day that Nicholas was going to smoke his last cigarette. We saw him smoking again on Sunday. It was a little bit sad. He knows it's slowly killing him, he wants to stop, he just hasn't stuck with stopping yet. We keep hoping! We don't know that he'll be able to progress anymore until his desire is high enough to make that change in his life.

This week, we had zone training. I was in charge of playing the piano. I don't know how to play the piano. My saving grace was that is was an electronic piano which can play most of its own music. Whew!

Something amazing happened this week! Austin (the boy who Sister Tait handed a card to and said, "Call this number, good things will happen") called that number and good things are happening! We saw him on Monday when we were driving to play a game of ultimate frisbee  with some of the youth in the ward. We invited him, but he wasn't interested in frisbee. We asked if he had called the number, he had forgotten. And then, who should we see at Subway the next day talking with the Elders... yep, it was Austin! He was grinning wider than I had ever seen before, and he looked so happy! We freaked out. He's coming to church on Sunday! Woohoo!!
I'm out of time.
Love you all!!
Sister Naomi Rapier

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