Monday, August 22, 2016

Christ Can Make us Whole Again

Even when stunted by mistakes, we can find new growth in Christ.
I've met several sister missionaries who have personally been affected by pornography addiction. The stories vary - it was was an ex-boyfriend, an ex-fiance, an ex-brother-in-law - but the result is always pain and suffering.
Pornography burns the possibility of growth; it renders a person to be as a burnt-out stump. Pornography drains the life and vigor from relationships. Oh, the pain this plague inflicts on our families and communities.
Addictions consume. Suffering ensues. 

Where would we be without the redeeming hope of Jesus Christ? 

The atonement is real. Christ can remake a burnt-out stump into a healthy tree should the tree be desirous and willing to work for the gift of miraculous healing. Christ can sooth and comfort the loved ones of an addict. Christ can heal us and make us whole again. 

Love you,
Sister Naomi Rapier

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