Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another week we've watched fly by...

Dear Famiriends (Family+Friends -- get it?!),

Wow, it's been a great week! I was feeling tired today, but not any more. I ate some of the hottest hot sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings when we went there for lunch after District meeting; we'll just say that it woke me up. Whew!! Steele, you would be proud, the sauce had ghost pepper in it, and I ate a whole fry full of the stuff. It burned, it also did a really great job of clearing my sinuses out. Perks of hot sauce!

The work is flourishing!!!! So many in Martinsburg are super prepared for this message of happiness that we have, and I just feel like I can't move fast enough. 

Our investigator Arianna has so many questions! It's incredible, she says that we're answering simply questions that have been "confuzzling" her for her entire life, even though she's only 13. Wow, what a feeling it brings to teach her. It is so incredible to watch the light come into her eyes when she learns something new. She understands the importance of our Savior Jesus Christ, and even though she has a hard time reading the Book of Mormon because many of the words are new and unfamiliar to her, she keeps reading. It's amazing to watch how much belief she has that the Lord can help her understand if she keeps on reading. I watch her understand more every day! God truly does work miracles every day. I am so thankful to be here to see it. (:

Keep sending prayers. I pray for y'all too. love you!

Yours, Sister Naomi Rapier

P.S.- I know that my emails are posted on a blog and that the blog is linked to facebook, so many different people might see it. I don't know who sees my emails/blog, I also don't read minds to know what questions I have left unanswered. Maybe you want to know how red my face turned from the hot sauce (answer: VERY red) or maybe your question is more deep. Whatever it is, there is a simple solution: email me!! I love you people and I will respond, even if it takes me a few weeks. Click. Write. Send. Done. Enjoy the silliness or seriousness of Naomi'Sister Rapier's answer. It's that simple. Love y'all!

Feeling the love for Valentine's Day <3
Making Valentines
Heart Brownies <3

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