Monday, February 29, 2016

In the Mission Field with Sister Bartschi

Dear Frams,

Hola from the other side! Of the country, that is.

Silliness with Sister Carpenter from the ward
I have had a request to tell about my lovely companion, Sister Bartschi. She is tall and gorgeous! I forget how much taller than me she is until the end of each lesson when we stand up to go. Then I remember! 

Sister Bartschi is quite similar to my sister Sabrina. As such, it took us a good while to learn how to communicate because we are VERY different people. Loreen, Nanna, Mom, all the rest of y'all who watched Sabrina and I grow up together, you know that this transfer has been quite a journey of learning for both me and Sister Bartschi. This having been said, she has become one of my best friends. She makes me laugh on my grumpy, sleep deprived days, she rolls with it when I forget what we're doing and have to be reminded again, and she really is just a lot of fun to be around. She has big sexy hair (because that's the kind of hairspray she uses) and she is A LOT better at cardio than me. I have the upper hand in yoga. Between the two of us, we consume an average of two gallons of milk per week, largely by way of cereal consumption.#ClaireWouldBeProud  
Happy Birthday Sister Bartschi!

Sister Bartschi has a beautiful testimony, and you can see her sincerity in her eyes as she bears it. She gives me a hug when I'm feeling sad. She is always there to back me up (when my teaching falls flat) and I'm always there to back her up (out of the driveway). But I also back up her teaching (: 

In conclusion: I like her, she is cool, President Christiansen knew what he was doing when he put us together. Every valuable relationship is built by trying really hard and enjoying the company of each other I think, and such is the case here. It was her birthday yesterday, Yay!~

News Flash::  

Chong got a birthday cake for Sister Bartschi
We had asked her before if she would take this step, and she wasn't feeling it. When we went to see her last night, she brought up baptism, expressed her desire to have this opportunity, and asked if it would be okay if she were baptized. Miracles! Her faith is strong, and although she has been baptized three different times in other churches, she has come to know for herself that this is the next step that God would have her take in her life. She will be baptized by her LDS friend Jim on March 19 at 6pm and will receive the gift of having the holy ghost as her constant companion as long as she's faithful the next morning. This is what she's most excited for. She told us that she's been looking for this feeling of having the spirit with her for most of her life, ever since she moved here from Korea 40 years ago.

We have also been teaching a lady named Joyce! Joyce is having a rough go at things and has been for quite a while. She wants to change! Every time we go to see her, she has a more positive and clear view of herself, others, and the world around her. It has been remarkable to watch her realize what she is, what she wants to be, and to see her moving in that direction. She is a truly remarkable woman of strength and courage. I cannot tell you how much I admire her determination to stick with it and get back up even though things are so hard. She has taught me a lot about timing. She has also taught me much about recognizing people for what they truly are, and not what they appear to be upon first appraisal. It is phenomenal to be around her and to grow with her along this journey that we are both taking.

Sister Bartschi and Sister Rapier in the Mission Field
Funny story for the week: there is a lady in the ward who we're pretty sure is trying to marry one of us off to her son. She will occasionally walk up and interrupt various conversations we're involved in to laud his singing voice, his righteousness, et cetera. It's really funny!

Love you all, and be of good cheer!

Sister Naomi Lydia Rapier

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