Monday, March 21, 2016

"No more sugar for you!"

Dear Freindily,

What a week!! Every week flies by faster than the last. I'm sure that to you, all of the missionary emails tend to blur together because you read so many. The days probably blur together for you too. Life is nuts. Missions are hard and fun! 

Miracles! We met a family this week! When we were walking down the street to our next appointment on Thursday, this little boy runs up behind us and asks if we're going to his house. We told him we aren't, but we can if he wants us too, and he showed us which house was his before running away. We went back that night and got a return appointment for the next day. Friday night rolls around, and we go back to see them. Their entire family was there. We got to know them and invited them to church.

On Sunday, Alex came to church. He walked fifteen minutes. By himself. In the morning. To church. Alex is a fifteen-year-old boy. I don't think I've met many people who hunger for truth the way Alex does. Certainly I know a few, several of which are my closest friends, but it is still so remarkable to meet someone who hungers for truth. It makes me feel so happy and awed that I have the privilege to be a messenger to one who so earnestly seeks! There is true joy to be found in both the living and the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Wow. (:

Sister Tait is a lovely individual. She is a very easy person to get along with. I really like her. She's a long-boarding Utahn!

Disclaimer: the cake thing, I did that on a dare. From my hostess. Yes, I ate half of a cake in three bites. No, I couldn't hold still for the rest of the night. My knees were bouncing so hard that her floorboards creaked... yeesh.

Funny quotes of the week:

"I only have to pay taxes and die, and I've already paid my taxes, so now I just have to die."
-Mamma Keller, my favorite old lady in the ward (she's a little nuts but AWESOME!)

"I always look like a goddess."
-Sister Tait, hair blowing dramatically in the wind this morning

"No more sugar for you!"
-Sue, after I ate half of the cake

Love you all! Stay safe and don't forget to smile!

-Sister Rapier

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